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Our customer portal

Our philosophy is to become more than a service provider for our customers. We want to become your go-to building maintenance partner! We understand that time can be an issue and you need to focus on many aspects of your business. This is why we’re here to help you maintain control of your real estate and ensure simple, effective monitoring of your valuable assets! With our work, you can rest assured knowing that all of our interventions are performed as though you were there with us on site!

Rassure-toit portal

Our customer portal: Help is just a click away!

Customers are given secure internet accesses to our customer portal to monitor their real estate holdings. The portal

  • A list of your holdings, subdivided by building and by roof sections, if any
  • A list of all work performed, including a complete description and photos taken to show the work’s progress, as well as all related correspondence. You will also find warranty dates, completed inspection reports and the dates for scheduled maintenance, if any
  • The ability to place a service call directly through the page

It’s the perfect tool to enable you to monitor the progress of our work and manage the condition of your buildings’
envelopes or roofs.

Please note that only work done by Entreprises J. Veilleux & Fils Inc. will be uploaded there for the current year. You
can also add previous years to your file for a reasonable fee.


  • Provides an objective, consistent evaluation of the condition of all your buildings
  • Provides a systematic, well-documented basis to evaluate repair/replacement needs
  • Enables proactive building maintenance and budget planning
  • Establishes a history of roof and building envelope conditions
  • Allows you to schedule maintenance



  • Minor defects, no repairs required
  • Defective details to be fixed during a future replacement (ex: the height of the membrane is too low)


  • A defect requiring a permanent repair


  • A defect requiring a temporary repair until a permanent repair or full replacement can be performed

Why use our services rather than the competitor’s?

  • We offer a comprehensive and reliable program performed by senior technicians who are thorough, honest and qualified.
  • Our prices are more than competitive! We will give you a discount off the cost of our expertise if you decide to use our services after receiving our recommendations.
  • Our planned maintenance program comes at a discounted hourly rate for the duration of the contract.
  • Using the customer portal is free; we only have applicable fees for adding information from previous years.

We are convinced that any of the Rassure-ToitTM options will meet your needs.
Feel free to contact us for further information. We will be pleased to create a maintenance program unique for your real estate reality

The Rassure-ToitTM program helps you save time and money—
and give you peace of mind!